Referral Rewards 

Earn rewards for sharing HeyLibby with people who could use it.

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The Rewards

After 1 referral:
  • The "modern" chat template (you AND each referral will get this)
After 3 referrals:
  • Access to ALL chat templates
  • Choose custom colors
  • Customize AI personality
  • View where your leads came from
  • Integration with other tools (like CRM)
After 10 referrals:
  • A HeyLibby t-shirt with your short url!
After 100 referrals:
  • A HeyLibby MYSTERY BOX!
A few specifics:
  • A referral is counted when they register and confirm their email, or register through google.
  • T-shirts will be shipped for free within the continental United States.
  • You'll be notified when you get a referral, and you can track the status of all your referrals on this page.
  • See referrals terms of use for additional information