SEATTLE — Aug. 17, 2023 — heyLibby, a free AI-powered personal chatbot tool for small business owners, launched today in public beta. The free tool enables busy small business owners to engage with their leads instantly, gather vital information, and schedule appointments with prospects on their calendars, all while continuing to do their day-to-day jobs.

Launched out of Zillow co-founder Spencer Rascoff's 75 & Sunny Labs, heyLibby solves for the event planner who can't respond to a lead via Instagram because they actively working a client's event or the general contractor who can't respond to questions via their website because they are busy installing cabinets. heyLibby is available to anyone who doesn't have time to manage their leads immediately because they are working. heyLibby's co-founders are former Zillow executives Anna Rodriguez and Tony Small.

“In the world of small business, whoever responds first to a new client inquiry is usually the winner,” said Spencer Rascoff, heyLibby co-founder. “Study after study has shown that immediate engagement with a prospective client results in exponentially higher rates of qualified leads. Waiting just one hour to respond can easily result in a lead going cold. heyLibby ensures that anyone, regardless of their schedule, can meaningfully respond to potential customers who discover them on social media or their website.”

Setting up a Libby is free, takes less than five minutes, and does not require any special skills or credit card information. Users are asked basic questions and, for many industries, given a catalog of pre-populated, industry-specific questions to help customize their AI assistant's catalog of content. Once set up, small business owners share the heyLibby link in their social media profiles, websites, and emails. After a customer engages with their Libby, business owners are notified via text, email, or both, and a transcript of the conversation is immediately available.

Prospective customers click the heyLibby link from a business's website or social media, and engage with Libby's AI assistant. They answer questions and get instant information about the business and its offerings. heyLibby then assists vetted customers in scheduling a time to connect with the business owner via Calendly or alternative means.

“heyLibby makes it easy for any small business to up their game and provide immediate service to their potential customers, regardless of their technological know-how,” said Anna Rodriguez, heyLibby co-founder. “Within minutes, a business can go from simply having a one-way website or social media presence to having a two-way dialogue with customers yielding qualified leads or appointments. It is a better experience for customers, and a better way for businesses to convert leads.”

heyLibby chat transcripts and customer information are stored in a secure database and can be easily accessed and managed through the Libby website. While the heyLibby platform can serve as a customer relationship management tool (CRM) on its own, it can also be integrated with thousands of tools and CRMs through its integration with Zapier.

To get started, simply go to to create a Libby. More information about how heyLibby works can be found on their website, social media sites and YouTube channel at @heylibbyai.

heyLibby is co-founded by former Zillow employees Tony Small and Anna Rodriguez and Zillow co-founder Spencer Rascoff. Tony was a senior vice president at Zillow Group and has over 20 years of experience in product, sales, and operations, including roles as the CRO at venture-backed $1B+ companies. Anna led software engineering, business systems, and enterprise architecture functions and teams for Zillow, Slalom and Avalara. Spencer is the co-founder and general partner at 75 & Sunny. In addition to Zillow, Spencer co-founded Hotwire, dot.LA, Pacaso and Queue and served as Zillow's CEO for a decade.