CNBC — Sep. 27, 2023 — Transcript

Sara: I want to talk about 75 and Sunny because you're now a venture capitalist and an incubator, and I'm sure interested in AI, and I think you have your own chatbot, right?

Spencer: I have, yeah, so 75 and Sunny incubates startups. My new company is called Hey Libby. Libby's like link in bio. A lot of journalists use it; you should check it out, and what it does is it allows somebody that's active on social media to create their own AI. So on your Twitter, for example, you can go create your own, and then that becomes your chatbot, which appears in your Twitter and then people converse with you. What it does for small businesses is it helps qualify leads. So if you're an interior designer that puts your photos out on Instagram or you're a math tutor and put out videos on YouTube tutoring math lessons, you get leads through social media, and what does is it helps qualify those leads and put them into a contact database. So it's trying to solve a problem for small businesses that get leads through social media and need it to qualify those leads. But we see lots of different use cases including journalists.

Carl: Wow, so it sort of curates your own follower base or potential customer base.

Spencer: It does. You must get DMs all the time through Twitter, people pitching you story ideas wanting to talk to you. So if you create your own then you can train it within a couple minutes, and people will talk to you or talk to an AI version of you, and then you'll get a text and an email summarizing the conversation. It'll go into your contact database, and it'll allow you to qualify that lead.