heyLibby API for Developers and Marketplaces

Note we currently have a waitlist for the heyLibby API. To get on the waitlist, talk to us here.

If you have customers who could benefit from heyLibby, but you also want an integrated experience, you came to the right place!

Here's a list of what you can do with the heyLibby API:

  • Create complete heyLibbys in seconds.
  • Customize the questions asked, info provided, links to share, and more.
  • Customize the notifications sent when heyLibbys get new leads.
  • Bring the chats into your database so you can show them on your site.

Example of how you can use the heyLibby API

In this example, a wedding marketplace created heyLibbys for each of their vendors. Customers can then engage with the vendors via heyLibby right from their site.

Integration steps

You can integrate heyLibbys into your site with just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Create models for your users.

Your account manager will help you design models that work with your site. For example, you can create a "photographer" model with default settings that match your site look and feel, and the questions they should ask their customers.

Step 2: Create and update heyLibbys for your customers.

You call a simple API to create or update a customer's heyLibby. In that API call, you include the following:

  • API key
  • Customer's email
  • Model id to use
  • Any adjustments to the model (photo, intro, custom questions, custom info, call to action, look and feel options, etc.)

Step 3: (Optional) Call an API to get chats (you can have this run continually or you can create an endpoint which heyLibby will call after each chat).

This allows you to see the chats your customers are having. It also enables you to show customers their chats on your site. The API will include your API key and you will receive paged information about each chat (datetime, email, dialog, summary, etc.)

Step 4: Share heyLibby urls with your customers and/or embed them in your site.

Your customers can share their heyLibby urls on their social media and share it via email or DM. You can also embed heyLibby on your site (for example, a customer's page can have their heyLibby), customize the icon, and more.

Thanks for learning about the heyLibby API. To get on the waitist, talk to us here!